Francesca Mackenney

Born in London from a Latin heritage, I have been fortunate enough to live amongst rich culture in my surroundings.
Interest in photography started in the 90's with a single lens camera and travelling mainly Europe.
I am educated and experienced in photography, developing and printing in black and white.

My interests expanded to digital design and editing digital images.
My introduction digital camera's and Photoshop was an exciting time in my life and I have been working with these formats, updating as often as I can for 20 years.

During this time I have travelled to further places and captured a lot of wonderful and inspiring moments. As well as develop my skill in digital art, I leaned about Dreamweaver and host a personal gallery featuring photography art and more.

Here I would like to share with you only the best from the catalogue of photography and art.

Hoping to share the beauty of the world, and being able to enjoy magnificent prints, being able to give a personalised gift.

online gallery featuring;

Art, Crafts, Digital Design, PhotoArts, Photography & Video slide shows and snippets

The Art gallery includes creative works of art including; Digital Art, PhotoArts, Paintings, Drawing/Sketches.

Crafts collections of hand made crafts, made with love; Key rings, Summer scarf, Friendship Bracelets, Matts, blankets, Cushion covers, Accessories and recently added Glass Jar Collection, Mini Stone Stacking

Photography gallery includes collections of; Nature, Travel, Portraits, Panoramic Views, Museums, also Festivals & Concerts

Mobile photography

Video Gallery includes short clips or snippets of nature, culture on the streets of London & photo slide show albums

The Store has listed services available to customer from digital editing to PhotoArts

Here you can purchase original photography and art to inspire your rooms.